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Joe Biden needs to drop out of the presidential race

Josie ElBiry


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The DNC must present us with a presidential candidate whose ideas are sound and whose character is unsullied. Anything less, and we vote for an America where a whole generation of up and coming young boys will see sexual harrassment and assault as a grey area.

The Democratic field of candidates for the presidency waved as a harvest for a nation deprived of leadership. This year’s candidate would be a democratic socialist or a woman , or both.

Hope shriveled as all of my heroes were forced out, and only a weed remained — a thorny stalk pushed up through the asphalt.

Joe Biden, I should have known. Of course the DNC is going to prop up its political animal. I was sore from the punch to my aging lips, disappointed when I realized I’d be voting for an establishment man in November and one whose on-camera personality and debate style I didn’t like.

I perked up when Biden pledged to serve only one term. I grew hopeful when he pledged to choose a woman as his VP. I saw a future, and I felt confident that my candidate was making forward-thinking decisions.

Now, it’s all gone.

It’s funny how the media can bury a story.

I mean dystopian. It’s dystopian how the media can bury a story.

How dare you talk about all the things you’ve done for women, when I know who you are. I see you, and I experienced you. — Tara Reade, March 25, 2020

I heard the name Tara Reade for the first time a week ago. In the following days I was reading everything I could get my hands on. I found the tumor in Ryan Grim’s article which appeared in the Intercept on March 24th. The results came back malignant when I heard Tara’s testimony on the Katie Halper podcast.

After weeks of silence, Biden “answered” to the accusation on the May 1st edition of Morning Joe.

As a self-proclaimed warrior in the fight to protect women from sexual violence, Biden…



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